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Windows to the Universe

Welcome to Windows to the Universe! Our purpose is to develop a fun and different Web site about the Earth and Space sciences. Windows to the Universe is graphics intensive!


Affordable Online Courses

Online Class: Cosmology 101
This course will provide you with a great amount of information about our world, our universe, and beyond our Milky Way. With our guidance, you will be able to investigate many fascinating theories and explore many exciting concepts regarding the history, origin, and evolution of our universe.

Online Class: Astronomy 101
In this course we're going to explore our night sky, constellations, our solar system, our galaxy, and what lies beyond the far reaches of space. In addition, we'll learn about past and current projects for space exploration, as well as future ideas for space travel. Our journey will also take us to black holes, quasars, supernovas, brown dwarfs, and the string theory. And Lastly, we'll explore in depth on how we make observations from earth, and touch on the mechanics of optical telescopes that aid us in exploring the night sky.

Online Class: History of the Universe
This course will explore the very beginnings of our Universe and examine its fundamental components. We will explore the formation and basic elements of our own solar system, and we will reach out from there--deep into the darkness to explore the sometimes exotic and always fascinating elements of space.


Principles of Astronomy

This entire website, all 56 pages and 327 images, are available as a complete self-paced, self-learning astronomy course.



Remote Sensing Tutorial

A training manual for learning the role of space science and technology for using remote sensing to monitor planetary bodies and distant stars and galaxies.



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