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Interactive Piano Lessons

Our beginner's level introductory piano lessons are hands-on, self-paced, interactive, and totally Free!


Affordable Online Courses and Resources

Music Reading
This course teaches the basics of reading sheet music. After students have completed this course, they will be able to look at a printed piece of music and know how those written notes translate into audible music. Students will learn about pitch and rhythm notation, accidentals, key signature, time signature, and more. This is the perfect course to help improve your music skills. This course is especially helpful to singers and choir members.

Online Music Course
If you enjoy music and would like to know more about what makes it work, this is the course for you. You'll gain a complete understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony, and you'll be able to recognize pitches on the musical staff and on the keyboard.

How to Play the Piano
This course introduces the keyboard skills and fundamentals you will need to become a successful pianist. It provides for a step-by-step explanation on how to play the piano. If you need help with the written theory and you want to learn more about how to read and write notes. Not only does this course emphasize note reading but will help you develop a keen intelligent understanding of the musical notes and alphabet. In no time you will be playing the piano or keyboard and most especially read and play any music as you appreciate it!

Guitar: Learn to Play
Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? You'll be strumming in no time with this fun and informative guitar course. This non-credit course is designed for the beginner as well as the intermediate player and will explore the basic fundamentals of how to play this challenging instrument. The class will examine basic chords, strumming rhythms, finger-picking and much more. With practice, you'll eventually be able to play simple and familiar songs. No previous knowledge of guitar is necessary. Students must have a guitar in good working condition.

Entertainment Contracts & Forms
Entertainment law agreements, consents, photo release forms, general release forms, and other related documents. The forms can be
downloaded and accessed immediately.


Learn Piano on the Net

You will need to have at least a small portable keyboard in front of you as you go through these lessons so that you can look at it and become familiar with it. Learning a keyboard is like typing. You need a typewriter keyboard in front of you to learn to type. The same is true of the piano. You need a piano keyboard in front of you to learn to play piano.



Adult Music Theory Course

This is the best free preparatory syllabus in music theory and orchestration on the net.


Jazz Education

This primer assumes the reader has a certain familiarity with basic concepts of terminology and notation, but no more than one might have learned in a few music lessons as a child. From this foundation, the primer gradually delves into relatively advanced theory.


Rhythm Training - Free Lessons - English

78 rhythm exercises in all grades. Each exercise with an audio file to listen to.



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