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Featured Course - $129

Online Math Course
This course will show you how to use math to your advantage. You won't find any theory or memorization here. The lessons that make up this course are filled with practical exercises and information that you can put to immediate use. You'll find out some very interesting things about how calculators work, and then you'll discover how best to get a handle on your income and expenses. You'll learn how to calculate percentages, including the proper amount to pay in tips, commissions, taxes, and discounts. You'll find out how to calculate interest rates and you'll develop a better understanding of mortgages, credit cards, and other types of loans. You'll discover a handy method for converting one type of measurement to another, and you'll be able to calculate areas correctly so you don't overspend on your next home improvement project.
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Compound Interest

With Compound Interest, you work out the interest for the first period, add it to the total, and then calculate the interest for the next period, and so on.


Affordable Training & Certifications

Basics of Business Math Series
This series is designed for users who want to improve their basic math skills. It covers basic mathematical calculations commonly used in business settings. Courses cover computing fractions and decimals, the order of operations for combined computations, and solving equations and word problems. It includes the use of proportions, ratios, and percentages, and also provides instruction on the use of a calculator for business applications. The student will have access to this course for 1 year. This self-directed course can be completed within 90 days or sooner depending on time and learning capabilities of the student.

Business Mathematics Test - $9.99
Taking this highly recognized certification is an excellent way for you to prove your professional prowess to employers while giving a boost to your resume.

Online Business Statistics Course
The main purpose behind Business Statistics certification is to provide management and other stakeholders with insights into ways to address business statistics needs. Addressing these needs often lead to an improvement in organizational structures and processes. This Online Business Statistics Course will teach you powerful statistical methods that will have you making better, more informed, and more effective business analysis & decisions. Suitable for small business owners, entrepreneurs or job seekers, this course is sure to increase business statistics awareness. Learn more or buy this course.

Basics of Business Math Series
This course provides instruction and practice in using a calculator for business math.

Business Math 101
This course takes you through an overview of the wonderful world of business mathematics. The course is designed for a person of any age and anywhere in the world. All that is required of the learner are a computer, a connection to the internet, a calculator or spreadsheet, skills to use these tools, and a willingness to learn.


Retail Math Formulas: Talking The Talk Of Retail Business!
List of 15 of the most common different retail math formulas and explanations including markdowns, cost of goods sold, gross margin, shrinkage, and inventory turnover.




Amortization, like depreciation, is the process of deducting, over a set period of time, the costs incurred in the procurement of assets. Whereas depreciation is used to expense out (over the useful life) the costs of tangible assets such as buildings, furniture, and machines; amortization is used to recover the cost of intangible assets.



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