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Free BYKI™ Lite download by Transparent Language

Your free Before You Know It bundle includes a full working copy of Before You Know It Lite, plus a collection of lists for your chosen language. It's free and you can use it forever, with no time or session limits.


Affordable Online & CD-ROM Courses

Spanish Byki Deluxe 4

Spanish Byki Deluxe 4- From beginners to advanced learners, Byki Deluxe 4 is the simple and effective way to master any language with Perfect Recall, guaranteed! Whether for business, travel, school or personal enjoyment, you'll quickly learn to understand and speak over 1,000 common words and 250 essential phrases in any language. Downloadable - begin learning right away or order boxed CD-ROM!

Everywhere Spanish Audio Course

Everywhere Spanish Audio Course- Learning Spanish is a rich and rewarding experience, but it takes time. If you are like many Spanish learners, finding the time to work with a new language is often more challenging than the Spanish language itself. Everywhere Spanish is an audio course that gives you 35 lessons for beginner to intermediate learners on 5 Audio CDs. This program is truly designed for busy learners on the go! Expand your learning time - in the car, at the gym or just around the house - with Everywhere Spanish.

Transparent Spanish Complete Edition

Transparent Spanish Complete Edition- The TL Complete edition contains every language-learning application you'll need to help improve your language skills! Ideal for school, business, travel, or simple personal growth, the Complete edition offers you the most comprehensive way to learn a language. From top-rated software to an audio course, Complete Edition gives you access to a broad variety of fun, effective learning solutions that will develop all your Language skills.


Free Online Lessons at

Spanish language website contains free interactive audio/visual Spanish lessons, free Spanish quizzes and a game. Free sections include: Greetings, Travel, Survival Expressions, Colors, Numbers, Months, Days of the Week, and hundreds of other useful words and phrases.


Affordable Online & CD-ROM Courses

Online Spanish Course
Imagine yourself speaking, reading and writing Spanish. Now you can with Speed Spanish! This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto. You'll learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. In no time at all, you'll be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and converse in Spanish. ¡Qué Bueno!

Spanish for Health Professionals
¡A su salud! (To Your Health!) is an exciting and groundbreaking intermediate-level Spanish program for students and practicing health-care professionals. ¡A su salud! promotes Spanish competency in language as well as cultural awareness of the Latino immigrant community through the use of broadcast-quality dramatic video and numerous imaginative interactive exercises.

Spanish for the Classroom
Whether you took a Spanish class 20 years ago and just want to brush up a bit, or you have never taken a Spanish class, you'll learn the essential Spanish for teachers and bridge the communication gap with your Spanish-speaking students and parents. Rest assured that this won't be anything like your typical high school Spanish course. We'll skip the frills and focus on "survival Spanish" you can put to work immediately. We've tossed out long vocabulary lists and complex grammar rules and replaced them with games and stories to make learning easy, painless, and even fun. You'll learn new words in easy-to-digest bites, and each lesson will include Supplementary Material to help you keep expanding your vocabulary.

Spanish for Law Enforcement
In this course, you’ll focus specifically on Spanish for law enforcement personnel, skipping the “touristy” phrases you don’t need to know. And to make your learning easy and painless, the course is sprinkled with fun games and stories. So if you’re having flashbacks to your boring high school Spanish class, don’t worry—you can learn Spanish and have fun at the same time. By the end of this course, you’ll be well on your way to being a Spanish speaker and communicating more effectively with the Spanish speakers all around you.

Rosetta Stone Version 3: Spanish (Latin America) Level 1 with Audio Companion  Contains everything you need to start learning a language. Rosetta Stone will teach you as fast as you can learn! Leveraging your natural language-learning ability, Version 3 immerses you immediately in the new language, providing just the right context to prompt you to speak, pronounce, read and write in the very first lesson. Available in CD-ROM

Spanish Flashcard Secrets
Spanish Flashcard Secrets is a compilation of the hundreds of critical words you must understand to speak Spanish.

Practical Spanish
Welcome to Practical Spanish. Do you want to learn about the origin of this language, its grammar, how to build simple sentences and understand the main differences between Spanish and English? This course teaches the Spanish spoken in Spain (where this languages was born!). Anyone interested in this language can learn the basics, as this course does not require special skills or previous knowledge. Instructor Angeles Fernandez -Spanish native-speaker- will teach you the essentials. You'll have the opportunity to join our Chat Group and practice or ask any question you may have. So, enroll and enjoy learning this language!


Learn Spanish - A FREE online Tutorial

Learn Spanish With Our FREE Online Tutorial


Learn to Read Spanish

Spanish is spoken on a very large part of our planet. From Spain in Europe to the Philippines, many countries in Africa, Southern USA, Mexico and nearly all of South America. It is also a UN language. These lessons will introduce you to a few hundred common words.


Free Spanish word of the month

Sent to you by e-mail. Helpful tool about Spanish grammar and how use it and avoid mistakes. Suitable for all levels. Check out this site to see what to expect.


Talk Spanish

A lively introduction to the language in 15 short parts. Try these online topics with audio, video and quizzes.


Spanish Course for Beginners

The Embassy of Spain is pleased in introducing a Course of Spanish for beginners which has been programmed and supervised by the Department of Spanish at the University of Calgary.




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