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The Serbian Language

The first thing to note is that when studying the Serbian language it is inappropriate to concentrate solely on Serbia. This is because it is the most widely spoken South Slavic language. For example, it is spoken in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia, and is a minority official language in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia and Hungary.


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The Language

The Serbian language is a result of the work of the great Serbian philologist and language reformer, Vuk Stefanovich Karadzich . There are thirty sounds in the language. The language has the Cyrillic and the Latin alphabets.


Serbian Language

The Serbian language is a South Slavic language, spoken chiefly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and in the Serbian diaspora. Standard Serbian is based on Shtokavian dialect, like modern Croatian and Bosniak (which was formerly known as Serbo-Croatian), with which it is mutually intelligible, and was previously unified with under the standard known as Serbo-Croatian.




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