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Introduction to Geography
The discipline of geography has a history that stretches over many centuries. Over this time period, the study of geography has evolved and developed into an important form of human scholarship. Examining the historical evolution of geography as a discipline provides some important insights concerning its character and methodology. These insights are also helpful in gaining a better understanding of the nature of physical geography.


Affordable Online Courses & Test Preparation

Online Class: Geography 101
In eleven easy lessons, you'll learn all about the different geographical features that make up our planet. You'll learn to distinguish islands from atolls and peninsulas. You'll learn how the huge tectonic plates interact to create mountains and valleys and how wind and water shape our world. You'll also learn about the way people, plants, and animals have changed the world. In addition you will learn the natural processes that create specific landforms. The various spheres of the planet, the lithosphere, the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and the biosphere are defined and examined in detail. You'll learn how these different layers of Earth interact to shape the patterns of the planet.

Meteorology Awareness and Terminology Certification - $9.95
The Meteorology Awareness and Terminology Certification tests important concepts related to the science of Meteorology. This test assesses the test taker's knowledge about the various terms used in Meteorology.

Online Class: Introduction to Physical Geography
This is a non-technical introduction to Physical Geography. Physical Geography is the study of the physical side of Earth. This includes the four spheres of Earth, and in this class you will understand how Earth spheres interrelate. We will examine the atmosphere, biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and other valuable information. This class will explore the dynamics of Earth's physical side, and provide information about the Earth, probably not known to most. How our planet interacts affects us everyday, and knowing this information is time well spent. This self paced online course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about our Earth and it's physical aspects.


Reading Maps

A picture -- or a map -- is worth a thousand words'! A map is a simplified view of the earth's surface that shows where places and things are located and helps us communicate that information efficiently. In this section, you will learn more about maps and how to read them.




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