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Landscaping With Bulbs

There are numerous places around most American homes where bulbs will add a delightful display in the springtime: by patios, in rock gardens and beds, along paths or driveways.


Affordable Online Courses

Landscaping 101
The landscape of a home is as important in expressing the "personality" of its owners as the home itself. More importantly, a good landscape will provide recreation, privacy, and pleasure to the owners. This starter course is ideal for anyone -- whether you just want to improve one corner of the yard, or you want to add some flowerbeds or a tree or shrub here and there, or you're starting from scratch with a bare lot and need to learn how to start, plan, and finish an entire landscape.

Edible Landscaping
Your entire family will love this course! It will take you from the planning stages to the harvesting nutrient rich foods. It will teach you how to turn your 'Brown Thumb To Green'. Learning to recognize the guidelines of your property, so you will know which plants will succeed in your area. Find out what your family and their needs really are, know if you can successfully plant those in your area, then learn how to increase your yields. It is organic based so you get three fields included. Organics, gardening and landscaping.


Building a Retaining Wall System

Retaining walls are a great way to create a more useful, beautiful, and sometimes safer landscape around your home.


Landscaping Books from

Step-By-Step Outdoor Stonework: Over Twenty Easy-To-Build Projects for Your Patio and Garden Review:  This is a project book, with more than 20 easy-to-build projects for patio and garden using a variety of stone. Walls, arches, paths, steps, rock gardens, fountains, seats and tables, sundials, patios, and even birdbaths are described in detail and illustrated with hundreds of drawings and color photographs. The book will show the reader how to estimate costs and quantities accurately, select the right tools and materials, prepare ground sites properly, produce sturdy and original structures, and create an attractive, inviting garden or patio using one of nature's most durable and beautiful materials

Landscaping Your Home: Creative Ideas from America's Best Gardeners


Fences & Gates

A fence can provide several things: privacy, a weather barrier, containment for children or pets, protection from intruders, or merely decoration. Deciding which is most important to you will lead you to what type of fence you should build.


Planting Trees and Shrubs

You can get your trees and shrubs in three different forms, and there are different planting methods for each.


Planting Trees and Shrubs

Good grass is important, but it is only one element in a beautiful lawn. Grass can be enhanced by attractive trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. Although trees and shrubs are hearty plants, they must be planted correctly to survive.


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