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Featured Course - $129

Construction Business Management Course
Production managers will see how the sales people and estimators rely on their performance to meet timelines and project costs. Finance and administration people will learn how to keep other managers and staff updated on critical company operations while keeping a pulse on the financial health of the company. The contractor/owner will discover how each part of the management team can affect and improve total company operations. Discover how to get your management group working as a well-informed team. This course will provide you with clear and simple directions to give your contracting company the strongest possible business advantage. Buy this Course or Learn More.


Insulating an Unfinished Attic

In a well-designed attic, vapor barriers, insulation, and vents work together to prevent moisture damage and keep the home comfortable in every season. If you have an unfinished attic that isn't insulated, adding insulation can substantially lower your utility bills and improve the comfort level inside your home.


Design / Building Consulting
This course is for the experienced, or novice builder or construction professional that has the day to day situations occur concerning building design / construction and client contact. This course will enable you to start thinking about building codes and zoning codes, and how they affect the overall construction process. All phases of construction of a building from the site selection and the excavating of the lot to the last coat of paint on the trim work are examined in this course. Included are off-site and site improvement, and on site work.

Contractor Bids & Quotes Kit

Socrates - Know How Made EZ

Contractor Bids & Quotes Kit

This convenient kit contains customizable forms and detailed information on contracts and the bidding process, so you can create professional-looking bids and quotes and project a more polished image to your customers.


Installing Blown-In Insulation

Many older houses are improperly insulated, if there is any insulation at all. This can have a large impact on your heating and cooling bills. Loose-fill insulation can be blown into your walls and attic to help increase the efficiency of your house, significantly decreasing your heating and cooling expenses.


Benefits of Cellulose

Benefits of Cellulose.  PDF documents


Insulation Fact Sheet

Electricity bills, oil bills, gas bills--all homeowners pay for one or more of these utilities, and wish they paid less. Often many of us do not really know how to control or reduce our utility bills.


Loose-Fill Insulations

Whether you are increasing the insulation levels in your current home or selecting insulation for a new home, choosing the right insulation material can be challenging. Fibrous loose-fill insulations such as cellulose, fiberglass, and rock wool are options you may wish to consider. This publication will introduce you to these materials—what they are, how they are applied, how they compare with each other, and other considerations regarding their use—so that you can decide whether loose fills are right for your home.


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