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Featured Course - $129

Online Business Management Course - Are you interested in acquiring practical business experience in strategic planning, management, and finance without enrolling in an MBA program? This course is for you! You'll understand the significance of strategic planning and discover how external and internal environmental factors affect an organization. You'll learn about various organizational structures and determine how to use leadership, motivation, and control for maximum impact. You'll understand how successful organizations use performance measurements to stay on track. Learn more or buy this course.


Incorporating Definitions

The following is a list of definitions for Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization and other related terms used in the formation of an LLC or corporation.


Affordable Resources

Legal Guide for Starting and Running a Small Business
This course will walk a potential business owner through the legal issues concerning starting a business. It will include information concerning sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies. Information will be provided on naming the business, creating an ownership agreement, and required licenses and permits. Also included are tax information, borrowing money, hiring and firing, and the pros and cons of franchises. This course will help anyone start a legitimate business, giving them the proper insight into pitfalls and successes.

Record Management & Retention Policy Use
A company's corporate records are one of its most important and valuable assets. Almost every employee is responsible for creating or maintaining corporate records of some kind, whether in the form of paper, computer data, microfilm, electronic mail or voice-mail. Letters, memoranda and contracts are obviously corporate records, as are things such as a desk calendar, an appointment book or an expense record.

Corporate Law Awareness and Terminology Certification - $9.95
The Corporate Law Awareness and Terminology Certification has been developed to test important concepts, skills and terminology related to the field of Corporate Law.

Articles of Incorporation Kits
The central legal document for any corporation is the Articles of Incorporation. This form outlines the basic structure of the corporation and details those matters that are relevant to the public registration of the corporation. The name, purpose, owners, registered agent, address, and other vital facts relating to the existence of the corporation are filed with the state by using this form. The forms can be
downloaded and accessed immediately.

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting
The Minutes of the Meeting is a written record of a board of director’s meeting. Among the items recorded will be those attending, approval of the last meeting’s minutes, resolutions regarding the company’s business, etc. The forms can be downloaded and accessed immediately

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Socrates - Know How Made EZ

Incorporation/LLC Kit

Protect your personal assets from your business’ liabilities by incorporating. Decide which type of corporation is best for you and handle the incorporation yourself using this comprehensive kit. Includes CD, instructional guide and 20 forms.


About S Corporations

S corporations are standard business corporations that has elected a special tax status with the IRS. Electing Subchapter S Corporation (S Corp) status is a way to avoid having your corporation treated as a separately taxable entity, rather than having the "double taxation" of a C Corp.



Organizing as a Corporation

If you’re concerned about limiting your personal liability for business debts, you’ll want to consider organizing your business as either a limited liability company (LLC) or a corporation.



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