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Featured Course - $129

Accounting Fundamentals Course - During the online accounting course you will learn the basics of accounting education such as double-entry bookkeeping, while also learning how to analyze and record financial transactions, as well as prepare various financial reports at the end of the fiscal period. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll procedures, sales taxes, and various common banking activities will be discussed. Learn more or buy this course.


Inventory Systems - Perpetual and Periodic

There are two systems companies use to maintain inventory records -- perpetual and periodic. The perpetual system is used by most companies especially now that computerized record-keeping systems that tie inventory and sales together are widely available. The periodic system is generally used by small businesses that have minimal inventories.


Affordable Online Training & Certifications

Accounting for Non-Accountants - Accounting for Non-Accountants is a 20-hour strictly online accounting course that requires no textbook or live instructor. It is a self-paced accounting tutorial that can be taken 24/7 conveniently in your own home, office, or from any computer that has access to the Internet.  Click here to view more details

Managerial Accounting 101
Managerial accounting is a form of accounting that deals not only with financial information, but information that is not always easy to quantify into numbers and reports. Things like employee performance, efficiency, product rates and customer satisfaction stats are all things that managerial accountants deal with. They take that information and put it into reports that are easy for managers to understand. By doing this, managerial accountants help managers make the important decisions to turn the company in a new direction, or help it continue on as a profitable and respected organization...

Accounting & Bookkeeping for Beginners
The course covers such topics as the accounting equation, the double entry system, debits and credits (a challenging area for newcomers!), the matching principle concept, inventory valuation: First in, First out (FIFO), Last in First out (LIFO), Specific Identification and Weighted Average methods. Depreciation charts explain and show the difference between straight-line depreciation, double declining balance, sum of the year's digits and units of production. Depletion and Amortization are also discussed...

Accounting & Bookkeeping 101 for Everyone
This course assumes students have no prior knowledge about accounting or finance, and delivers lessons and examples to build accounting skills. Specifically, this class addresses accounting terminology, revenue, expenses, net income, the accounting equation, debits, credits, and balancing the accounting formula, the accounting structure, the accounting cycle, journals, ledgers, the trial balance and more. It also guides students to learn how to read financial statements properly, and how to grab meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements...



Inventory describes the extra amount of merchandise or supplies your business keeps on hand to meet the demands of your customers


Inventory Accounting

Inventory accounting may sound like a huge undertaking but in reality, it is quite straightforward and easy to understand. You start with the inventory you have on hand. No matter when you sell product, the value of your inventory will remain constant based on accepted and rational methods of inventory accounting. Those methods include weighted average, first in/first out, and last in/first out.


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